"...a capacious home for all sorts of unpredictable musical goings-on."
- San Francisco Chronicle

Switchboard Music was started in 2007 by Jeff Anderle, Ryan Brown, and Jonathan Russell. Its primary activity is an annual marathon concert, the Switchboard Music Festival, that presents musicians – mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area – who are challenging, blending, and breaking down traditional genre distinctions.

Many musicians whose work falls in the cracks between genres can have difficulty finding exposure because of the challenges inherent in describing and marketing themselves. At Switchboard Music we believe that much of the most exciting, innovative music is happening exactly within these hard-to-define cracks between genres, and we are dedicated to bringing this music before the public. By establishing an annual outlet for this creative and innovative musical activity, we provide these musicians the opportunity to connect with a wide and diverse audience, and provide the public an opportunity to hear music they might not otherwise have access to.

co-founders Jon Russell, Ryan Brown, and Jeff Anderle

With its local focus, Switchboard celebrates the uniquely talented and diverse pool of musicians that call the Bay Area home, and the unique mix of cultures that gives the Bay Area its distinctive qualities. Switchboard creates an institutional framework for music that too often gets left out – not because of any lack of quality, but because of its challenge to traditional institutional definitions – giving it the financial support and exposure it deserves, and giving the public an opportunity to appreciate and learn about it in new ways. To date, Switchboard has successfully produced three eight-hour marathon concerts on March 30th 2008, March 29th 2009, and March 28th 2010. Preparations are well under way for the fourth annual concert, on April 3rd, 2011.

Switchboard Music is a 501(c)3 presenting organization in the Bay Area, EIN 35-2387026.

Email us at info@switchboardmusic.com


Switchboard Music Board of Directors

Dennis Aman
Jeff Anderle, Vice President, Treasurer
Dan Becker
Rose Bellini
Ryan Brown, President
Robert Kendrick

Jonathan Russell, Vice President, Secretary

Artistic Advisory Board

Mason Bates
Paul Dresher
David Harrington
Carla Kihlstedt
Pamela Z



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