Pictures, videos, and sounds from the 2nd Switchboard Music Festival.

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Listen to interviews with some of last year's artists:


Classical Revolution

Damon Waitkus and Max Stoffregen

Japonize Elephants


Japonize Elephants

Melody of China

Jon Mendle, Ryan Brown, and Brian Dowdy perform Brown's "Same Mistake Twice"

Edmund Welles performs "Black Lodge"

Movement 1 of Damon Waitkus' "Many Thousands of Airplanes"


Alisa Rose of Ted Brinkley's Rogue Apothecary

Edmund Welles: the bass clarinet quartet

Paul Dresher and Joel Davel

Mike Perlmutter of Zoyres

Melody of China

Japonize Elephants

Jon Medle, Ryan Brown, Brian Dowdy

The ADORNO Ensemble



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